TabTalks | New game launched! REStrukt: Serendipity
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New game launched! REStrukt: Serendipity

New game launched! REStrukt: Serendipity

In July 2017, I took the train down to Montreal to experience StartUpFest and launch a new game – REStrukt: Serendipity. The central theme of StartUpFest 2017 was that success can be constructed and so the game was cbd products to show early-stage start-ups that they can empower themselves to create opportunities. The atmosphere was electric and players took liberties to adapt the game to better leverage opportunities – exactly what start-ups need to do to be successful.

REStrukt: Serendipity is my first game that is emergent. What this means is that the rules are not as defined as other games allowing players to find opportunities. REStrukt: Serendipity is also completely scaleable and can be played with groups as small as 20 to over 100 players.

Success doesn’t have to be a fluke, it can be created. Now I just have to apply this thinking to my business.

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