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Working for the ocean

An award winning game!

In May of 2017, Can I Help? was launched and within the first six weeks, over 1000 people had played it. My reward is watching the conversations that people have while they play my games; the moments where people are listening and sharing, the insights people game,...

New game launched! REStrukt: Serendipity

In July 2017, I took the train down to Montreal to experience StartUpFest and launch a new game - REStrukt: Serendipity. The central theme of StartUpFest 2017 was that success can be constructed and so the game was designed to show early-stage start-ups that they...

Wave Makers Award

In 2016 JP and I put in an application for a WaveMakers grant! Before we knew what we were going to do, why this was an important topic, or how to make the complexity of oceans into a simple game, we had a name, Shrimps...